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The Model 850 Two Hand Control Module is designed to be used with two palm or push-button switches, which must be closed within 0.5 seconds of each other to operate machinery. As long as both switches are pressed, the relay will remain energized in the continuous mode. For applications requiring a pulse to initiate operations, the Model 850 can be set to produce a pulse output by connecting a resistor to pins 4 and 7. The resistor value in ohms should be 100,000 times the desired time in seconds (R=100,000 x T). The internal relay de-energizes on completion of the pulse, even if both switches are depressed. The relay also will de-energize immediately, if either hand switch is released, in standard or pulsed mode. The compact size of the Two-Hand Control Module allows installation into an existing control panel. It can be used with any type of machinery requiring safe, two-handed operation such as presses, punches, cutters, etc. The standard nominal supply voltages are 120VAC, 240VAC at 50/60 Hz, or 24VDC.





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