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The Model 260 Voltage Sensor is a single setpoint voltage
sensor. Input voltages above the setpoint cause the output
contacts to energize (contacts 1 & 8 closed). Input voltages
below the setpoint cause the output contacts to de-energize
(contacts 1 & 2 closed). The dead band between pull-in and
drop-out is less than 2%.
The standard unit has a screwdriver, or fingertip adjustable
setpoint range of approximately 35% of the maximum
voltage. This device can also be provided with a factory
calibrated trip point.
AC versions of the Model 260 Voltage Sensor are not
frequency sensitive, and may be used in systems from 50Hz
to 400Hz. DC models are not polarity sensitive.
This device requires a standard 8-pin socket, such as Time
Mark’s Model 51X120.

Input voltage see Ordering Info tables
Transient protection 2500 VRMS for 10ms
Polarity protection not required
Supply current 10mA max.
Setpoint stability ± 1%
Response time 100ms
Operation Continuous duty
Output contacts SPDT 10 Amps at 240VAC resistive
Expected relay life Mech: 10 million operations
Elec: 100,000 operations at rated load
Operating temperature -20º to +131º F
Humidity tolerance 0 - 97% without condensation
Enclosure material ABS plastic
Mounting 8-pin socket (**order separately)
Weight 5 oz.
Agency approval Most AC & DC Auto Reset versions:
UL Recognized* and CSA Certified*
* condition of acceptability:
Units receiving input voltages of 300 volts or more
must use a UL Recognized 600V socket, like
Time Mark’s 8-pin Model # 51X120.
# Exception:
Models listed with # do not have agency approval
Voltage Model Adjustment Reset Setpoint
or Range
DC 260 A=factory calibrated M=manual reset xxx or
AC B=screwdriver adjust or auto reset xxx-xxx
is assumed
example: AC260 AM 230
orders an AC voltage sensor with manual reset, factory calibrated to trip at 230VAC

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