Time Mark 410D-80J Capacitor Trip Device

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The 410D-80J is an auto-charged capacitor trip device that has a stored capacity of 80.8J at 380V and can maintain a full charge for 48 hours. It has a voltage range of 85-277VAC or 120-430VDC.  The 410D Auto-Charged Capacitor Trip Device is a micro-controller-based high-speed capacitor-type circuit breaker tripping unit. It differs from standard Capacitor Trip Devices in that it has a separate charging circuit and is isolated from the mains. This device is primarily for use with circuit breakers that require some form of AC power for their closing operation, such as circuit breakers having either a stored energy closing mechanism with an AC-operated release coil, or an AC solenoid-operated closing mechanism.

  • Nominal AC Voltage, Input: 85 - 277 VAC, 47 - 440 Hz
  • Nominal DC Voltage, Input: 120 - 430 VDC
  • Stored energy: 80.8J at 380V
  • Output voltage: 380VDC minimum
  • Low battery threshold: 6.4V 

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Separate charging circuit, isolated from the mains.
Can maintain a full charge for 48 hours.



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