Time Mark C269-480 VAC 3PH Power Monitor

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The Model 269 Over and Under 3-Phase Monitor continuously monitors 3-phase lines for high voltage, low voltage, phase loss or phase reversal. This device features a solid-state voltage and phase-angle sensing circuit, which drives a SPDT output relay.

The Model 269 is independent of the system load, and may be used on any horsepower motor. When phase sequence is correct, and the voltage remains between the upper and lower trip points, the output relay remains energizes. When a fault condition is sensed, the output relay drops out.

The Model 269 does not require a neutral connection, and can be used on Wye or Delta systems. Each of the four voltage versions can be adjusted over a wide range. An adjustable trip delay (1-10 seconds) prevents nuisance tripping. OVER and UNDER voltage failure indicators aid in calibration and system troubleshooting.