Tru-Gap Air Gap Fixture w/ 1 Tubing Mount Bracket

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The Tru-gap airgap fixture is the solution for indirect waste piping air gap installations.

Built for the plumbing , water conditioning, beverage vending, food service and other industries. The unique design of the Tru-Gap allows for nearly countless installation applications. 

The Tru-Gap will install to nearly any drain grid on the market today. There is no need to remove the drain to install the Tru-Gap  this eliminates the need for added labor and difficulties. 

The Tru-Gap can be connected by solvent weld to a standard 2" PVC DWV pipe and with PVC reducer fittings can be adapted to smaller or larger piping.

The unique tubing support Mount allows for easy installation of up to three drain lines and more drain lines can be added with additional tubing mounts on the fixture. 

The Tru-Gap air gap fixture is tested to full compliance to the ASTM D2665 standard and the ASME A 112.1.2. 

Care should be taken by the installer to meet all state and local codes. 

Additional Tru-Gap tubing mounts can be purchased and added to the Tru-Gap Fixture. The tubing Mount can be mounted to a floor ceiling or wall by itself for an air gap waste, other drain lines or other piping systems.